One Team One Vision – 24 Hour Event


In your organisation do you have…

  • A new team that needs to pull together quickly?
  • An existing team in conflict that needs to be resolved quickly?
  • A new goal that needs to be delivered by one team with one voice?

In just 24 hours you can achieve one of the following…

One New Team –
Will deliver results, fast. Be it a new project, cross company or as a result of a merger – think “Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing” in the shortest possible time.


One Board
Board members will be focused on the organisation first and their own functions second. Meetings will be more productive, focused and short, and your top team leaders will be role models.


One Team
Ensure a common vision, truth in the room, true decisions and total accountability. The only “team building” event you will ever need to hold – with not a canoe in sight.


Following the formula for guaranteed success, you will …

1. Know where you want to Go  

2. Know where you are Now  

3. Know what you have to Do


4. Do it!

“everyone took ownership of their own agenda, actions and behaviour, and the day to day benefits to both the organisation and the individuals have been fast, and remarkable. We now have a clearer understanding of our priorities, better communications within the department and across the company at large.” – MORE ENDORSEMENTS

All of the teams we partner with are unique, so are our events!

For One Team One Vision designed for your needs and desired outcomes –

Please call Jackie Witney or submit the form below with your requirements.

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